Marking messages as unread

Zulip lets you manually mark messages as unread. Specifically, Zulip offers a Mark as unread from here option, which lets you mark the selected message and all newer messages in your current view as unread.

There are many ways to use this feature, including:

  • When you don't have time to read a conversation carefully, or to follow up on action items, mark messages as unread to return to them later.

  • You can mark messages as unread when you subscribe to a channel. This makes it convenient to review all the recent conversations in that channel.

  • Mark the results of your search as unread to review them at leisure.

Mark as unread from selected message

  1. Hover over a message to reveal three icons on the right.

  2. Click on the ellipsis ().

  3. Click Mark as unread from here.

You can also mark messages as unread by selecting a message, and using the Shift + U shortcut.

  1. Press and hold a message until the long-press menu appears.

  2. Tap Mark as unread from here.