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Zulip is the organized team chat app that is ideal for both live and asynchronous conversations. Post lecture notes and announcements, answer students’ questions, and coordinate with teaching staff all in one place.

Use topics to organize the discussion

Zulip has the best user experience of all the chat apps I’ve tried. With the discussion organized by topic within each channel, Zulip is the only app that makes hundreds of conversations manageable.
Tobias Lasser, lecturer at the Technical University of Munich Department of Informatics
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Powerful formatting

I used Piazza & Zulip. Piazza lets students ask questions anonymously. Zulip better all-around for chatting, announcements, group work (has built-in LaTeX, as well as threading). Zulip basically replaced email for my class. Easy to pick up if you've used Slack & email before.
— Joshua Grochow (@joshuagrochow), December 7, 2020

Interactive messaging

Participants across six continents signed up for my graduate-level classes when I decided to open them up to the world during the pandemic. Zulip became a central hub for asynchronous Q&A and posting Zoom links for lectures, whiteboard PDFs, and announcements. Zulip’s topics, and the ability to change the topic of someone else's message, has made it much easier for me to keep things coherent. It’s super easy to discuss technical material using the TeX integration, and spoilers are a great way to answer questions about homework without depriving students of a chance to keep thinking about the problem on their own.
Kiran S. Kedlaya, Professor of Mathematics at University of California San Diego
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Flexible administration and moderation

Maintain student privacy

Never miss a beat

  • With apps for every platform, you can check Zulip at your computer or on your phone.
  • Zulip alerts you about timely messages with fully customizable mobile, email and desktop notifications.
  • Mention users, groups of users or everyone when you need their attention.
  • Use Zulip in your language of choice, with translations into 23 languages.
  • Zulip works reliably for organizations with thousands of users online at once.
We are a public university that offers free education to 33,000 students across 13 cities in Brazil. We started using Zulip in early 2020, and it works perfectly for our needs. Zulip’s interface is simple and intuitive.
— Rafael Cordeiro, head of IT at UTFPR

Zulip Cloud for Education plans


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Standard for Education

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Education (for-profit)

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Education (non-profit)

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$0.80/month billed monthly
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Learn about using Zulip for conferences and research communities. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at sales@zulip.com. You can also drop by our friendly development community at chat.zulip.org to ask for help or suggest improvements!

Zulip: The most complete communication hub for your class.

Feature Zulip Slack Discord Piazza CampusWire
Rich, modern chat
Apps for every platform
Self-hosting option for full control over data
Dedicated account
Topic-based threading
Resolve topics/questions
Move topics/questions
Native LaTeX support
Built-in spoilers
Emoji reactions
@-mention groups
Scales to 10,000s of users
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