Client libraries

These API client libraries make it easy to work with Zulip's REST API in your favorite language.

Official libraries

These libraries are maintained by members of the Zulip core team. The Python library is the most complete and best documented.

User maintained libraries

The Zulip core team doesn't have the resources to maintain high-quality libraries for every programming language. We've collected a list of user-maintained libraries for popular languages:


Contributing to improve language libraries is appreciated, as is writing new ones. If you actively maintain a Zulip language binding and would like it to be listed here (or would like to collaborate with us in making it an official library), post in this topic in the Zulip development community or submit a pull request updating this page.


The following projects are not actively maintained. Since Zulip's core APIs have been stable for 5 years, even very old libraries can be useful.